Drug Tip Line - Turn in a Pusher

In an effort to eliminate drug traffickers and the illegal drugs they sell in our communities Ohio NARCO is providing this forum in which citizens can “Turn in a Pusher.” All information provided will be forwarded to the appropriate Law Enforcement Agency responsible for investigating the crime of drug trafficking in that respective jurisdiction. Because we all have a responsibility to help keep our streets safe, and free from the violence that drugs bring to a community, we are asking for your help. We consider all information important so please understand that your information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, could be the key to ridding your community of the blight that this crime brings.

The more detailed your information, the more helpful it will be to Law Enforcement.

To submit information, simply begin typing in the text box below and click the “Submit” button when finished, and your information will be forwarded to Ohio NARCO

All information can be anonymous, but if you wish to be contacted by Law Enforcement just select yes and provide us your contact information.

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