Ohio NARCO Association


Ohio NARCO is a not for profit Law Enforcement Association serving Ohio’s Law Enforcement community, with over three-hundred members. NARCO strives to provide a forum for the exchange of information and the development of investigative collaborations as well as providing high quality, low cost training. NARCO also engages in strategic partnerships with other Law Enforcement Associations and Police Agencies with a goal of enhancing Ohio’s Police Officers ability to enforce State and Federal controlled substance statutes, and to positively influence our nations war on drugs.
Drug Tip Line

Training Opportunity Highlight

Pew Jitsu Plain Clothes Officer Two Day Course

Hosted by the Westshore Enforcement Bureau Drug Task Force in collaboration with the Westlake Police Department.

October 11th - 12th, 2022

Two Day Plain Clothes Officer Course

Holster and gear recommendations and reviews
* Draws from concealment, vehicle, & disadvantaged positions

* Vehicle CQBPrepping gear and clothing for draw and/or exit Extracting unwilling subject from their vehicle Preventing assailant from extracting officer from their vehicle

* Subject Control & Firearms WorkGrappling for weapon retention and draw Grappling to disarm subject Body lock defense when carrying concealed Safe and effective takedowns Safe and effective subject control on ground, standing, and against barrier Handcuffing / restraining on ground, standing, and against barrier Defense against more than one aggressor