Annual Awards and Scholarship Opportunities

Award Nominations

Ohio N.A.R.C.O. is currently accepting nominations for all award nominations, which will be presented at the annual conference each year. Eligible candidates must be a certified peace officer assigned to a narcotics unit or spend time investigating and enforcing State & Federal drug laws, or a Drug Task Force, Narcotics Unit, or other investigative entity whose primary focus is the investigation and enforcement of State & Federal drug laws.

The award for


will be presented to an officer/investigator who was injured, or prevented the loss of life through their actions while conducting a narcotic investigation. The time period for consideration is July 30 - July 30 of each year.

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NARCO Scholarship

Each year Ohio NARCO is proud to offer $500 scholarships to a current NARCO members in good standing or a member of their family. These scholarships are funded by the proceeds we receive from our annual Golf Outing. A scholarship can be used for any scholastic purpose and is awarded each year at the annual Ohio NARCO conference. Eligible candidates must complete the application form and submit it to the scholarship committee for review. The applications are reviewed by our Scholarship committee made up members of the Ohio NARCO Executive Board who make recommendations to the President for the award winners to be presented at the conference. It is the desire of the Ohio NARCO Executive Board that this scholarship program will expand in the future through various fundraising events and donations.

Applications may be submitted electronically, prior to August 19th of each year.

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